OmegaCor Technologies helps healthcare organizations in the Baltimore-Washington Area take advantage of new ways to use and access their business data efficiently and securely. IT is a strategic asset and “mission critical” to the success of any healthcare practice or facility.

OmegaCor’s IT Solutions Help Healthcare Organizations:

  • Increase staff productivity and efficiencies,
  • Provide better revenue management and cost savings,
  • Improve services,
  • Improve security, and
  • Reduce patient errors.

Our Team of IT Professionals:

  • Offers IT consulting services, from preliminary concept and overall network design, to its physical implementation.
  • Custom builds computer networks for all types healthcare organizations. They install, configure, and support IT systems no matter what the size, or the number of employees accessing it.
  • Perform HIPAA* and HITECH* Risk Analyses to ensure IT systems and operations are compliant with the latest guidelines.
  • Ensure personal health information (PHI) is always protected.
  • Make sure mobile computer devices and BYOD (bring your own device to work) policies allow healthcare professionals to work securely from their own personal devices, and access encrypted patient information no matter where they are.
  • Set up secure IT systems so patients can obtain information and communicate with healthcare providers to provide the peace of mind they need.
  • Help providers to securely share information with peers and colleagues.
  • ProvideBackup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions to ensure a practice can stay up and running no matter the situation.
  • Ensure 24/7 Help Desk Support is available to handle IT issues quickly and efficiently.

Plus, OmegaCor Technologies:

  • Offers Managed Service Plans with fixed monthly fees so healthcare practices have more control over the money they spend on IT. It also allows practices to scale up or down as patient loads increase or decrease.

As health a professional or administrator of a healthcare facility, you need an IT provider who:

  • Understands your practice, and is
  • Fully acquainted with the latest, reliable, and most cost-effective computer hardware and software, networking, security and up-to-date technologies.

OmegaCor Technologies provides this and more.

For more information about a HIPAA Risk Analysis or about OmegaCor Technologies’IT Managed Services for healthcare organizations, give us a call at (443) 795-6500 or email us at: