Nonprofit associations are like other businesses in many ways, however they also have unique technology requirements related to membership management and fundraising. OmegaCor Technologies has worked with nonprofit organizations in the Baltimore/DC Area for many years; we understand your challenges and needs, and can address them with up-to-date, cost-effective, customized technology solutions.

IT Solutions Customized To Meet Your Needs
OmegaCor will do a thorough assessment of your organization’s mission and operations, along with your current IT infrastructure to identify and recommend hardware/software/IT solutions to improve your business functions, productivity, and overall success.

Software options may include widely used applications like:

These applications give you the function you need without the costs of using proprietary software. OmegaCor will install and customize your new software for you, and ensure your staff and volunteers know how to best use them.

OmegaCor’s Managed IT Services provide a complete technology management solution for your nonprofit, including data protection and proactive monitoring of all key functions on your network, servers, and workstations. It’s designed to provide you with a fixed-cost solution, predictable investment and optimal productivity.

Data Protection and Access Solutions

In addition to your day-to-day needs, you depend on your data for board meetings, fundraising events, and membership campaigns. You need to know that you can access it from anywhere and at anytime. And you need the assurance that your IT infrastructure is accessible, secure and up and running no matter the circumstance, including a natural disaster like storm or a manmade one due to cybercrime or a computer virus.

We’ll be happy to speak with you about Omegacor’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions so you can be assured that your data is always protected and accessible no matter what. With our proactive device and performance monitoring we can remotely identify and correct issues on your network, servers and desktops before they create problems and downtime.

24/7/365 IT Support and Service

OmegaCor Technologies will be there for you 24/7/365 with help-desk services and access to technical support when you need it. Our help-desk attendant will quickly forward your issue to a technician who is certified and knowledgeable in the area of concern, and who will address your issue as fast as possible.

Let OmegaCor Technologies reduce your total IT costs and IT-induced stress. We’ll manage your technology so you can stay focused on your vision, mission and core services. Just as you are committed to serving your membership and community, our experienced IT specialists are committed to ensuring your success.

For more information about ourIT Managed Services for nonprofits, or a complementary consultation, give us a call at (443) 795-6500 or email us at: