Managed IT Services for Law Firms

OmegaCor understands the unique IT challenges law firms face. Keeping up with legal technology is a must for forward-thinking firms focused on efficiency, effectiveness and growth. Attorneys are constantly in a battle between remaining competitive and minding the bottom line. This battle doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your firm. After all, living in the past comes at a cost. OmegaCor Technologies provides legal IT services for law firms interested in optimizing technology, cybersecurity and managed IT solutions. Your technology infrastructure must be able to support your legal team’s data and allow them to access files, depositions, and court documents from anywhere in a secure manner. You need legal IT support that’s dependable, efficient, secure, and scalable to meet your firm’s growth needs.

Here are some ways we help our legal clients:

OmegaCOR Technologies understands that for attorneys, every minute counts. Our managed IT services for law firms handle any technology issues you face within minutes so you can focus on the matter at hand. Get answers on the first call instead of lengthy escalations.

Law firms today face an unprecedented amount of data vulnerability. Records now become a significant ethical, regulatory, and reputational liability due to the increased focus on data governance, privacy protection and brand management. OmegaCor Technologies is highly skilled at helping attorneys secure client data with a variety of IT services for law firms.

As an attorney, your business has the potential to take you from office, to court conference rooms and remote working. At OmegaCor Technologies, we ensure that when you are on the go, your documents are accessible within seconds.

We help to support software and hosted applications typically used within the legal industry, including:

  • Needles
  • Clio
  • Tabs3
  • myCase
  • E-discovery and trial presentation applications
  • Email archiving, storage management, and compliance software
  • Practice and case management software

Our goal is to relieve you from the burden of IT support, so you can concentrate on running your firm. OmegaCor Technologies offers various levels of support for law firm technology ranging from help desk services to Office 365 migrations, and other IT projects. We guide in how to implement technology to help fulfill operational needs, streamline systems, meet goals, and improve client service.

OmegaCor is agile at helping attorneys understand best practices and new guidelines for protecting sensitive client data throughout the firm. We have the experience and hands-on implementation skills to seamlessly integrate data security into your organization’s legal technology. At the same time, we can help you develop a business continuity plan that reflects the needs and responsibilities of the entire firm.

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When outsourcing your IT services and support to OmegaCor Technologies, you can trust that your law firm’s IT needs will always be met. For more information about ourIT Managed Services, or for a complementary consultation, call (443) 795-6500 or email us at: