OmegaCor Technologies Designs and Implements an Inter-Agency Virtual Private Networks for The Maryland State Government

With an increasing number of agencies to support, the Director of Information Technology for the Maryland State Government faced the challenge of increased IT costs and inefficient operations. The top priority for this organization was to maintain and enhance the inter-operability among agencies, and to provide centralized access to Maryland’s State Accounting Software. They also required a vendor with Enterprise Engineering Skills. With limited personnel, the IT Director decided to outsource these services to increase productivity and implement consistent networking standards across all agencies.


OmegaCor Technologies successfully designed and implemented a secure Wide Area Network (WAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allowed three satellite agencies to effectively work with the head office, and access agency-specific accounting software and shared resources. Access to the agency-specific accounting software required collaboration with Network Maryland to establish a separate Virtual Private Network for the FMIS Main Frame Network.

OmegaCor Technologies also installed and configured enterprise-level Cisco Firewalls at each location. They were able to meet all the business needs and helped the Maryland State Government eliminate significant monthly costs associated with leased lines. OmegaCor Technologies provided technical training in all aspects of the WAN and VPN solution.

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